License to Publish......or......Hang

Are Low-Res images available for proofing?

Yes. Low-res downloads can be made available on request to any registered user. Just let us know.

Why do I need to buy a license to use an image?

All images in the library automatically have a copyright owner, whether created with a camera, a paintbrush, a pencil or a finger dipped in treacle.  The creator of that work is generally the copyright owner.  This means that in this context, the photographer owns the copyright to his work.  In most cases, he will have invested time and money in producing the image.  Paying a fee in return for the use of this image is therefore a fair way forward.

When is a model or property 'release' Required? 

If an image from our library is to be used in a COMMERCIAL context, then generally a model and/or a property release is required. Where our images have one or both it is clearly shown on the image page. If no 'release' is shown, then the image can normally just be used in an editorial context. Please call if you have a particular need for an image that is not cleared for that usage. We may be able to help. 

+44 (0)7505 206643

What is a Model or a Property Release? 

A model release is the written permission of the person pictured (or their legal guardians in the case of a minor) for the image that they are pictured in,  to be used in a commercial way.A property release is the written permission of the owner or persons authorised to give such permissions, for the image featuring their property to be used for commercial purposes.

What is Editorial Use?

This is where the image is used to accompany a report that is intended to give information about a particular event or subject that may be of public interest.  The image is not used in such a way as to promote a product or service.

What is Commercial Use?

Where an image is used to promote a product, or a service or to raise money for an organisation.

What is the difference between a Royalty Free License and a Rights Managed License?

A Royalty Free Licence once purchased allows the image to be used in several different situations without the need for additional payments..... with a few exceptions.  A Rights Managed License allows for a specific use of that image (eg on a greetings card with a specified print run) and any further usage will need to be paid for additionally.

What is a Lightbox?

The lightbox on this site gets its name from the illuminated viewing device that photographers use for viewing transparencies and negative film. In the world of digital imaging, it refers to a way that the customer can make a selection of images before making his final choice of which image suits his needs the best. The lightbox will be saved (if he has signed in) and can be emailed to others for viewing and commenting on.

How do I Actually use the Lightbox facility?

Every image in the library should have an 'Add to Lightbox' button next to it. Click this on as many images as you like then go to the Lightbox option along the top menu.  Your new selections should be showing there with the option to save the Lightbox and any notes you care to make alongside it.   The link for this can be emailed to yourself or a colleague or it can be left for you to view on the site later.  To add an image to an existing Lightbox, FIRST open that lightbox (in the lightbox menu item) then go to the image and click 'Add to Lightbox'.

What Payment Methods can I use?

Every purchase made on the site can be paid for using a card through the Paypal Secure Payment service.  You do not need a Paypal account to do this.  If you would prefer not to use Paypal, please telephone to discuss alternative payment methods.


If I register on the site, where might my personal data end up?

There is no way that your personal details will ever be passed on to any other company or organisation or be used for anything other than enabling your use of this site or the delivery of an order to you.  Occasionally we may email you with special offers, but this will not be more than a handful of times in a year. Please let us know if you do not wish to receive mailings of these offers.