Prestige Pictures is a stock photo library set up by Alexander M Howe in 2012.

Alexander shoots in a variety of different genres including documentary, lifestyle, commercial and landscape. His documentary work has seen him in the company of well known figures such as Judy Dench, Dawn French, Paul McCartney, Jamie Lee Curtis and JK Rowling.

He is available for assignments in the UK and around the world at short notice.

The majority of stock images here, are available for Royalty Free licensing and once paid for online, will be available for immediate download.  The size of the download will depend on the license that has been purchased.  More specialised or unusual images have a rights managed license attached. These can also be paid for and downloaded immediately.

Most mages are also available as photographic prints and some can be used under a personal use licence. 

These are designated by a star if looking at a search result or gallery thumbnails.  It is also possible when using our search engine to request which of the two main licenses you are looking for.

Telephone: +44 7505 206643

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